The Wrong Way

One time in Tokyo, I was walking towards the National Art Centre in Roppongi. Following Google Maps is the only thing I could do because I can’t speak any Japanese. So I keep on walking from the station, up until one point I realized that Google Maps is acting up and keep on recalculating the route. It asked me to pass by paths that are not there, or ask me to cross over a bridge that does not exist. After walking for more than 30 minutes, and nearly late for my appointment in the Art Centre, I decided to ask any stranger walking down the same path for the directions. So I found this fashionable guy with a bag that seems almost as heavy as mine and asked him in simple English if he could direct me to the National Art Centre. With his limited English, he was struggling to explain to me the complete directions. So he decided to take a detour and take me pass my destinations before going to his. The best thing about the detour, is that apparently I got to see the more scenic side of the Art Centre. And by being late, the sunlight is at it’s peak of beauty where it pierced through the buildings and presented to me things I could aim my camera at.

My lesson out of this is that the wrong way is not necessarily the bad way. The wrong way can mean a better way too. I decided to give up on the GPS and just look up to see what this so called wrong way can offer me. A stranger with helping hand and beautiful photos are surely worth the extra walking miles. I believe the same thing in life. Some ways may seems to lead nowhere, then comes an angel who help us, and it might turn out that this path we’re walking is brighter and more beautiful than the road we were supposed to go through.


The wrong way leads me to this unique building, weird in sizing and shape. And actually Google Maps thinks that this road cannot be passed. Asking me to do a big turn from the outside.

webp1520365 webp1520351 web-p1520456

webp1520396 webp1520395webp1520390

Who would’ve thought that one wrong turn can lead to some scenic views. Or is it that every part of Tokyo is scenic that whichever turn I take will lead to something beautiful?l

webp1520397 webp1520399

This is all through the back entrance. The front entrance isn’t as nice, no park full of flower and there’s only ticket booth and posters and bus stop. I’m glad I took the wrong way.

webp1520401 webp1520443 webp1520440 webp1520438 webp1520436 webp1520432 webp1520430 webp1520426 webp1520423 webp1520420 webp1520414 webp1520411 webp1520409 webp1520406 webp1520403web-p1520457-2

The National Art Centre truly leaves an incredible feeling for me. The architecture is inspiring and the vibe can truly inspire a community of artists to come together and do stuff. That’s what artists should do, collaborate with like minded people and create something inspiring. Roppongi have tons of wonder, and the National Art Centre is only one of them. Follow my next post to see what it’s like to go up the helipad in Roppongi Skydeck where I can see the whole Tokyo.


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