Two thousand and sixteen has been such an amazing year, a lot of things happened and a lot of people come and go. I start hanging out in smaller groups, being more socially awkward, enjoy more time being alone, work out more and eat less. A lot of things can happen in one year, and plenty had happened throughout the twelve months given in 2016. The number 16 holds a special significance for me because of two main reasons.

The first reason is that it’s a transition period. Sixteen is a transition towards seventeen. In the age term, it’s a transition period from a young teenage to being a more mature and more responsible adult (still teenager though). I remember those moments when I was about to reach 17, a lot things has to be settled. Getting my first ID Card, putting my first hand signature on paper and settle with it for the rest of my adult life. Thinking about going to college, or in my case thinking of not going to college and how to bring it up to my mom. Also 17 is the year that I first being involved in local elections. Seventeen holds a great transitional meaning, and whatever happened when I was 17 sets a foundation of a long future for me.

I believed that 2017 is going to be like that, it’s a transitional period. A full 12 months to create a breakthrough, and whatever happens during 2017 must have been very significant towards the foundation of the next decade. I have several changes in career and business arrangements next year. So hopefully 2017 is the best time to lay it all out and make the best out of it. In career terms, it’s the time to be scalable and replicable. Creating a business recipe that can work in the industry landscape in Indonesia. I can’t be spilling too much here, but let’s just pray that everything will go as well as we have planned.

The second reason of why 16-17 holds a significance is because those are my age when my family break apart. My dad left my mom when I was 16, and I realized my mom was in the brink of bankruptcy when I was 17. So those are truly a transitional period for me. And being transitional is like being a trainee in life, taking a lesson and responsibility I have never apply for. I learned the hard way that not everything is handed down to us in a silver platter. Sometimes in order to get whatever we want, we must make sure we deserve it.

On both personal and career level, I believe that 2017 will be a good year to lay foundation for a better and brighter future. It’s the time to step up and be significant, to make works that matters. Going back to the root of film-making and telling stories and creating opportunities for people who deserve it. The years since I reached 17 has been great. But if this a time for a good change, I’ll grab it and make the best out of it. Cheers for a better 2017.


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