Alweseae angrivirus

I just realised that our body is not the only thing prone to disease. We can get attacked by emotional viruses as well. This emotional disease, just like any other viruses, spread and multiply itself. In the genome classification language, one of these viruses belongs to the Family “Negativity”.  The Genus is “Always”, the species is “angry”. It’s a horrible disease, and the worse thing is that it’s viral, it spreads to our nearest kin, not only from shared food or physical contact but also shared time and space. By spending time with an angry person, everybody can be affected and be as angry as well. And when two or more infected victims gather together, the symptoms will be people bark at each other. Words without meanings will be exchanged, and on severe cases, punches will be traded occasionally.

But the good news is that this is totally curable. Just like any other viruses, the only way to stop this one from growing is to kill it from the inside. Usually the part that is first infected by this virus is “ego”. If the infection is not too severe, then what we can do to stop this virus from spreading is by ignoring our own ego. We know that our ego is there and it’s hurt. But if we lash out every time our ego got hurt, we’re only pouring hot oil into a burning flame. In other words, making it worse. In a more severe case, the ego has to be amputated so that the anger will not spread. Letting go of our own ego hurts, but if that’s gonna stop us from hurting anyone else, then it’s worth the price. Ego being hurt is a personal problem, it’s inside our own emotional being. But being angry and showing it to the world that we are angry will only hurt the people around us if not spreading the viral infection. In the end, an angry person will run out of people to infect or to lash out. Because angry folks don’t keep friends in the long run. Don’t forget the fact that we need people even when we are strong, let alone when we’re weak.

Being angry is a reaction, and like any other reaction it’s sparked from actions. Actions sparks, but it’s our decision to react, or not. People can set fire on us, but it’s up to us to build ourselves with what kind of materials. If we’re a human made of plastics or straws or dried leaves, then we will be burned into ashes in no time. Strong human are built like rock on the inside, it’s not easily flammable and it’s not easily eroded. Fire can come by, but they won’t deter, water can surround them and erode them slowly, but they won’t split. Even diamonds get it’s value from being burned in a very high degree heating process. Even glasses got it’s shapes from being heated so it’s bendable and can be made into any shape the glassmakers designed them to be. So what we are made of is our own decision, and the decision that we make will decide what kind of value will come out from the heat that falls upon us. Showing reaction by being angry is like showing to the whole world that we’re a person made of plastic, it’s combustable and not valuable.

Being angry is like spitting in the middle of a heavy rain, it makes no difference in this world that is already pretty fucked up. The world is already a fucked up place and every people, just like you and me have every reason to be angry. Why is it so sunny? Why is it raining? Why do you talk too much? Why are you so quiet? Why can’t you be pretty? Why are you too pretty that you steal everybody’s attention? From the moment our brain snap awake until the moment we lie down in our bed, we can always find reasons to be angry. The true question to be asked here should be “Why am I always angry?”. By acknowledging the truth that we’re not always right or the most righteous and we’re not always the key character in this big vast world will open our emotional eyes to a new reality. Anger doesn’t give any solution to any of our problems, it only adds up more problems into the equation. Humans are not gonna cure cancer by being angry at it, they find cure by trying to understand cancer, by being close to it on daily basis and keeping eye contact until they can find that small gap on how to cure cancer. Humans don’t step onto the moon by being angry upon the fact that they can’t fly. With cool heads they find ways to be space men. And I believe that the next men who win the Noble doesn’t win it by throwing tantrums and acting irrational. The only successful career path of any angry men would be to become terrorist.

I remember that years ago, my friend Iin told me that I have rage problem. I was always angry with the way the world works. Was angry at the traffics, angry at those people who got it off easy from their parents, angry at the fact that I have to build my life from scratch, angry at those having privileges to study in college and I posted all of my anger on my blog (deleted the angry blog, amputated it so that the angry virus doesn’t spread to this new zen peaceful blog). And by making this blog and sharing my peacefulness I hope I can find cure to the spreading of the angry virus. I realised of what kind of fool I made of myself when I posted all the angry blog post, that I was some sort of human made of combustible plastic, easy to read, easy to dispose. I think I was pretty close to being infected by a different complicated virus, the hate virus.

Luckily I found my cure and now I’m all peaceful and probably one of the most chilled man on the planet (I think chill men are too chill to compete for the most chilled men ever). I find my cure in adding up knowledge to myself. Each and every knowledge that I gain from learning, reading, watching has made me a changed man. History and Astronomy especially, has been a humbling experience for me. Knowing how puny my life is, I find no need to hate and no need to be angry. Rage and anger can be cured, only if we are willing and determined enough to be cured. By enjoying our angry state of mind and consistently showing the need to be angry, we are only making it worse. Let me end this blog post by sharing a video by Carl Sagan, astronomer and philosopher who has paved the way for angry men to be humble.



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Homo sapient nearing the next stage of evolution

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