Israel 2016

Posting the rest of my Israel trip photos in this blogpost. Contained in this post are photos from Jerusalem, Bahai Garden in Haifa City, Bethlehem, Cana, Caesarea Filipi, Armageddon Valley, or maybe I did miss out on some other spots. Truly one of the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. The beauty of the country and the people never cease to amaze me. All my initial expectations about the country sort of changed right after I landed there. I remember imagining Israel as the land where everything is sizzling hot and the main transportation are camels, people wearing headscarfs and people carrying weapons everywhere due to the conflict with Palestine. I’m glad I visit this beautiful country, because none of those are true. Israel is a beautiful country, full of historical wonder and the technology from today. And here are some key lessons that I learned during my trip.

  1. The country is not hot, but the girls are totally 
    During my visit, I wore sandals and shorts thinking that the country would be warm. But upon arrival, the weather here are really cold. But enough about the weather, gorgeous girls are roaming this nation like Pokemon. I have never seen a country full of gorgeous people before. It’s like the nation creates their people in a lab, and engineered a way to create girls with blue eyes, blonde hair, sharp nose, strong jawline. In other words, gorgeous.
  2. But sadly, I’d be single if I live here 
    With all the perfect looking girls, comes the perfect looking guys. The guys here are also blessed with all the gorgeous features. And since they are all conscripted into the army, they all have good looking body and good with Krav Maga. So I’d be left with nothing. My brain can’t compete with the Jews in terms of intelligence, nor can my looks and skills.
  3. Limestones!
    I found the perfect architectural wonder material here. Nearly every building I find here are built with limestones. The materials ensure a stable temperature inside every churches and houses we went to. Seems like it protects people from heat and cold at the same time.
  4. Ask them about their traditions
    The Jews are very excited when they talk about their traditions and culture. I remember asking a couple of people regarding what they’re doing in the wailing wall and what they’re wearing and such. Of course, you have to ask the right people, don’t ask those who are armed, or those who don’t seem to want to talk to you. But when you find the right people, you’ll learn quite a bunch of stuff.
  5. There are racism, even among themselves.
    i remember asking one person regarding what the other group of people are wearing. With the top hat, long dress coat and all. And this person, a fellow Jews, say that those folks are the crazy bunch of the Jews. That they’re too lunatic and too radical in their beliefs. So just like any other culture in the world, we are all growing with diversing opinions, and when those differences becomes too much, it pushes the boundaries of alienating the other group of person.
  6. The Jews are really friendly, but the Arabs not so much
    Still on the topic of racism, even among the Jews there are already disagreement and tension. Now let’s get to the Arabs. We got to visit some lands that are controlled by the Palestinians, the Arabs. And I’m not being racist or biased here, but I’m just writing from my own experience. The Arabs are so rude, and they treat us tourists like their money fountain. They tag along you when they want to sell you stuff, and they would say stuff in Arabic that doesn’t sound welcoming. The walls that separated the Israel lands and the Palestinians divide more than just land or people, it also divides the form of friendliness for us foreigners.
  7. They take Sabbath seriously
    Where else on this earth can you take a picture of a city that looks empty? Only in Israel during Sabbath. I wish I was in Tel Aviv during Sabbath so I can see the metropolis being silenced by the Sabbath. But I was instead in the small city near Tiberias. Nevertheless, walking the empty street taking pictures feels so awesome, as if I was in a zombie apocalypse movie.
  8. Airport security is crazy tight
    It’s not that tight when we fly in, but it’s extremely strict when we are about to fly out. There are long lines even before we were able to check-in. The airport security agents ask tons of questions, like am I and the group related by blood, and how long have I know them. Also if anyone hand me anything during my visit to Israel and if I pack my own luggage. The questions for our group lasted about 20 minutes with the agents talking on their radio and acting intimidating. But it’s totally awesome, I never feel any safer than flying from Ben Gurion International Airport.
  9. The Israelis are very proud of their homeland
    Unlike us Indonesians who take the name of our country as a joke, the Israelis are very proud of how they gain their independence, of how Ben Gurion fight off attackers and all the strategy that he used. I listened to many stories told by my guide about how Israel used to be a barren nation, that there were not many people left in this country. And now it’s a prosperous country filled with people who contributed to the world’s livelihood. Even along one very long wall in the airport, we can see all the pictures of people who do the nation proud.
  10. I can’t move here even I want to
    Knowing that this nation is really beautiful makes me consider the question “what if I live here?”. But sadly, there’s no diplomatic relationship between Indonesia and Israel. Meaning it’s really hard for me to even want to move there. Maybe by marriage, but then again, the Jews hardly marry anyone outside of the Jewish communities. So I have to give up on any slight chance of moving to Israel.

P1420566 P1440121 P1440042 P1430823 P1430818 P1430813 P1430807 P1430804 P1430780 P1430772 P1430765 P1430702 P1430700 P1430676 P1430670 P1430528 P1430527 P1430526 P1430486 P1430473 P1430455 P1430431 P1430425 P1430400 P1430397 P1430388 P1430380 P1430379 P1430378 P1430376 P1430374 P1430355 P1430342 P1430100 P1430078 P1430076 P1430072 P1420819 P1420806 P1420805 P1420803 P1420801 P1420786 P1420784 P1420773 P1420755 P1420748 P1420746 P1420745 P1420742 P1420736 P1420729 P1420728 P1420727 P1420721 P1420717 P1420704 P1420700 P1420676 P1420668 P1420659


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