Travelogue 2016 : Caesarea

Still in the wonderful country of Israel, a couple of hours drive from Tel Aviv, we arrive in this place called Caesarea Maritim. I think the Caesar in Caesarea is to honor the Caesar when Israel is under the control of the Roman Empire. Very obvious from the remains of the Coloseum-like structure. Probably there were gladiatorial games being held in this place, cause the Romans really like to see people get killed. And I have just read that this city was once a prominent city during the Roman rule. It even replaced Jerusalem as the province capital once. The beauty of the nature is undeniable. The blueness of the water can only be competed by the blueness of the sky. The golden land and blue sky and sea makes a powerful combination for a wonderful photo session. And during sunset, the soldiers of Israel marched by for a training or something. It added some form of dramatization to an already beautiful scenery. The sand in the beaches are also very soft, almost as soft as a lady’s thigh. Flowers and Birds are roaming plentiful in this land. Too bad during my visit to the remains of the city center, I didn’t take any photographs cause I was busy taking videos for my client. But the memory of this place will lingers as one of the best destination during my trip to Israel.

P1420202 P1420470 P1420469 P1420466 P1420457 P1420442 P1420428 P1420326 P1420302 P1420298


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