Talents vs Time

I can still remember clearly the times when I told myself and my friends that I’m going to learn to play a guitar. That time, I was only 15. Now, I’m 26 and I haven’t even buy a guitar or learn how to play one. It’s not that I failed. It’s the fact that I haven’t even started. Saying that we would like to learn one thing and really be in the process of doing it is two completely different thing. If I tried and failed, that’s another story. The thing is, I only said it and have yet to find a starting line. Same thing happened with me saying that I want to learn how to cook or learn some Japanese. I did try out some Hiragana and Katakana lessons back when I was 10. But never once have I revisit them after my dad’s Japanese friend had gone back to his country.

Today, a friend of mine and also one of our teammates perform a couple of songs for us. And I have to admit that’s he’s a good singer. And not just that, we have seen him play some magic tricks in the office, and it’s also pretty good. He also knows how to cook and bake some cakes. He makes sushi for a side business. And he’s only 23, two years younger than me.

Seeing all this, I became enlighted and I realize that talents is not be blamed. Maybe each and every single one of us are born with different limit and capabilities. But each of us are given the same amount of time in our lives. My friend’s 23 years and me when I was 23 years old have the same amount of time. And yet, the talent and the skills that’s in me I haven’t been putting to try out (let alone being put to good use). I wish I had picked up a guitar back when I was 15, and even if I failed and being not good at all in music, I can say that I don’t have talent in music. But the thing is, I have never even tried before. That makes me wonder, what if I’m a better musician than I am a cinematographer. What if I’m a better cook than I’m a writer. What if I have been practicing Japanese since I was 10, and now I’m able to do business with people from Japan, or might even live there. Things could’ve been different for us if we only try. Limits and capabilities is nothing compared to our unwillingness to try. The problem is that the amount of time I give in to learn all these stuff is zero.

Wait, let me rephrase that, I wasn’t being unwilling. I had the will to learn Japanese since I was 10, and I was eager to learn to play the guitar when I was 15. When I was 18 I remember asking my mom to teach me how to cook. So I was definitely willing to do it. But what I lack is taking the first step towards it. That gives me my unprecedented failure. My failure in music is that I haven’t even have the guts to start. So, in the light of these new knowledge, I will list down 3 things that I will learn in the next one year.

  1. Learn to play the guitar (overdue since I was 15)
  2. Learn to cook
  3. Learn some Japanese

And the best thing about blogging is that I put this online for people to ask me the next year if I have managed to learn all these.


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