Evolving Ears

Can’t lie that I have fascination about human evolution. I think that human keep on evolving throughout the years. Even this year, I think my time to evolve is hear (got it? here? hear? oh well…). Well, either my ears have evolved or it just got more demanding each passing day. I used to be skeptical about the quality of things that has access to my ears, not literally. Meaning, I used to download low quality mp3s just because they’re fast, I used a cheap ass headphone as long as I could watch porn uninterrupted (or interrupting). It just makes sense, when I built my computer back when I was a teenager, I gotta cut corners and make sure that my PC can fit all the needs to do homeworks, learn designs and multimedia, watch movies, gaming and browsing the internet with 56kbps internet (God damn I was old). And among all of them, the thing that we mostly don’t need is the sound card. Graphics Card are a staple in gaming, but sound car is only necessary if you’re a DJ or a composer perhaps. But I didn’t use or need to pamper my ears as much as my eyes. Hence, I pushed the evolution backwards.

I remember my first proper headphone was Sennheiser 429S. Ordered it online, without any research, without reading any reviews. It sounded pretty decent and an all rounder for my gaming and movie experiences. But yet, that was 4 years ago, I knew nothing about the world of hearing, or maybe my ears haven’t evolved much. Then comes the time when I know a couple of friends who are using high-end flagship headphones and I got hooked. Apparently, my headphones were rubbish compared to theirs. So after a couple of research, I decided to get one affordable headphone with amazing sound. Enter the Audio Technica M50x and now my world has changed. My ears are more sensitive to music unlike before. I’m getting more particular about the things that I hear. It’s like previously I was listening to music from across a brick wall played by my neighbor. Now it’s like the walls are gone and I’m listening to music with the speakers right on my ears, comfortably though, and very warm. I’m not going to comment much on the technicals, because I’m no expert. I just realized that musics are more enjoyable than before right after I got my new pair of headphones.

Torrenting music has been such a daily thing, finding new music to download and move them to my phone one by one. The only problem with this is that it’s pretty hard to be a hipster. The less known musics are either not in torrent sites or have no seeders at all. Come the world of Spotify where we can listen to music from all our favourite artists for free*. Well, terms and conditions apply. But still, downloading the Spotify early on since it’s not yet available in Indonesia has changed the way I listened to music and find music that I like. But I still had to download the music that I really like from Spotify and put them on my phone. Then come Spotify Premium which change the way my mobile music works forever. Never again I need to download any music from other sources. Spotify has provided an easy and legal way for me to hear my music, offline and online. Not to mention the quality of the download is amazing.

The world is still changing at a very fast pace. And I gotta say that I’ve learned quite a lot since 4 years ago. Either my hearing has evolved, or it just become very very needy and expensive to pamper. Audiophiles are everywhere and the evolution of hearing will never end. People will find more and more pleasure in finding the details and power of the quality of their music, gaming or movie audio. Next year, something big might come up and change the way we listened to music (again). But for now, I’ll go browse for some amplifiers and lossless music while listening to new music from Discover Weekly section of Spotify.


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Homo sapient nearing the next stage of evolution

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