We all have to agree that life is tough. Nothing gets easier despite of all the advances of our species. Humans have always been pushed to the edge of their existence since the beginning of their evolution. But it is from the act of being at the edge, of almost losing it that we start to develop a sense of self. That we start to realize that we have a built-in wings that might safe our lives, or even better, take us higher than we ever were before.

When a cell being pushed to the edge, it either die or it mutates to escape the end of it’s lifespan. The same thing apply to us because only in tough times that we start improving, that we start overcoming our obstacles and lives on. Because the choice is either we do that, or it’s the end of us. Of course there’s always a chance that we might not make it at all. But rather than sitting around and wait for my slow death, I’d rather find out if my wings is big enough to get me out of the trouble.

This short blogpost is meant to help out those who might be in deep trouble right now. But let us realize that we weren’t where we are right now if it wasn’t because of the hardships in the past. We had our problems, and we found the solutions, we always do. Only by getting to the edge that we get chance to flap our wings. And even if we fail, do remember that at least in the edge the view is at least better than sitting around in the corner.


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Homo sapient nearing the next stage of evolution

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