Dear Dreamers,

Dreaming is good, dreaming is awesome. Since we were kids, we were taught to dream. There’s something about dream that fascinate us. Human without dreams are like a ship with no sail. Not knowing where to go next, or what to do next, slowly drifting through life waiting for thunder to struck. That’s it, drifting. There are two types of dreamers, one is those who drift and then there are dreamers who sail towards it. Sail towards the dream may sounds simple, but trust me, there’s a lot of work involved. First step is to make sure you find the proper ship to take you there, will it fit. Is it going to be you alone going in this voyage or there will be other passengers, make sure you find the ship that fit everyone you want to take there. Next step is building a sail, finding the right materials and make the size perfect for your ship is not easy. Let’s not forget to make the steering wheels, you may sail with no direction without any steers. And now that you’ve got everything you need to sail away towards your dream, you still need to prepare lifeboats. Even Titans fall, so let’s not be cocky. Sailing towards the dreams is more bloody than it is glittery. Those who have truly made it have shed some blood or break some bones before saying “my dream has come true”. There’s a lot of works needed just to take the first step. But the most important part is to wake up from your dream and start building your boat. And don’t be afraid to sink, you’ll learn plenty of things in dark moments. In other words, don’t be afraid of failure. It’s better to sink while trying rather than forever sitting in the coast side wondering what it is on the other side of the horizon. But it’s so much worse to sit in the coastline, do nothing, but preach about dreams. Dreamers are people with dreams, not determinations. Successful people are people who have both direction and the boat. In other words, they are realistic. They don’t sleepwalk, they wake up for real and plan ahead. Besides, who would you rather trust? People who got no boat and no sails but say that he’s gonna be in the end of the horizon, or someone who only have a humble rowboat and one small paddle? It’s easy to fall for dream talks because it sounds pretty. It is as if it’s wrong to disrupt someone from their dreams. But hey, we let the kids dream but wake the big boys up to do the real work. So dear dreamers, let’s wake up and work on our dreams.

Yours truly,



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