Inner Explorer

Probably in my past life I was an explorer (if only I believe in reincarnation). I love exploring and keep on changing my coordinates. It excites me when I step my foot in unfamiliar places. Wanting to see things I’ve never seen, eat things I’ve eaten before and experience tons of cool stuff life has got to offer. I know I’m not alone in this. In the recent years, since the age of Instagram started, we get to see there are tons of explorers of this earth and they’re really happy about it. People envy them, so everybody travel more to live an experience, or at least might have some pictures to post on their Instagram. Explorers tend to find whatever is out there waiting to be found. After one step is being planted, they think about the next step and move on with it. Exploring helped our ancestors to discover that the earth is not flat. It helped our ancestors to learn more about their surrounding and the world around them.

Exploring is good, it makes us feel great, it teaches us a lot of things. But there are always a terrain that a lot of human failed to explore. People step forward, but forgot to step inside. They explore the world around them, but they often forget to explore the traveller itself. We are often too excited to get to know the world around us, we forgot to learn to get acquainted to ourselves. The world around us is exciting, people around us are exciting, but if we don’t know our true self, we might not know which world we need to explore, what kind of person we should explore more and which kind to keep our distance with. Exploring inside our own head is a journey that is like exploring the round earth, it’s almost endless. Our personality and our preferences changes over the time so the process of getting to know ourselves might be a little harder than we think it is.

Being the only child at home, I explore my inner thoughts quite early in life. I watch a lot of movies, read a lot of books and play a lot of video games. Those are my windows to the outside world. I didn’t explore the backyard garden or play (or fight) with the neighborhood kids, but I had a playground as big as the Pride’s Rock back as a kid (in my head). I do have to admit that I kind of regret not exploring my outside world as much when I was a kid. But I am thankful that I get to know myself pretty well back then. I know what I like and what I don’t like early on. It helped decide plenty of things as an adult. I became quite philosophical since my teenage years and I do find it helpful in finding my inner voice as I grow up.

Exploring the inner thoughts is just as hard as exploring the outside world. Sometimes you took the wrong turn, sometimes you got lost in the dark and don’t know where the heck you are or where to go. The inside is as confusing as the outside, this means the world inside our head is as rich and as vast as the world outside of us. Just imagine it as if you’re standing in front of a window staring down to the world around you and you can see the reflection of yourself in the glass window. Just know that the reflecting personality is as rich as the world outside of the window. I am pretty glad that I am exploring both at the same time.



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Homo sapient nearing the next stage of evolution

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