Simple Happiness

We can be too busy being a professional in our everyday life that we forget how to be human. Being human can be very simple. It can mean playing catch with your dog or horse riding by the beach, or sitting by the beach side enjoying sunset. Sometimes it’s in the simplest stuff we can see a reflection of the human.

Taken while on a short trip to Bali a while ago. Fully shot with Samsung NX300. Probably the last trip I’ll be going with this camera since I’m selling this thing online. Not that the quality of the image is low, but I don’t have enough time to play around with this one. I currently have 6 Camera Bodies excluding this. And I don’t want to be a bad parent who can’t take care of my child, I’ll just sell them away (now that’s a bad comparison).


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Homo sapient nearing the next stage of evolution

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